Who's That Tibetan Terrier?

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Ch Alilah Vanity Fayre

Colour : Gold.

Sex : Bitch

Breeder : Mike & Pat Tempest

Owner : Mr D. M. Smith

C.C.'s : 3       Reserve C. C.'s : 2      B. O. B.'s : 1  


Title gained : 1990



Ch Dolby of Alilah


Ch Tsangpo Volantis of Krisina

Ch & Int Ch Willowbrae Willow

Ch Hardacre Dilys

Ch & Int Ch Cho Cho

Tsangpo Janus

Ch Luneville Prince Khan

Skellfield Betzi-Su of Willowbrae

Ch Dokham Cavarodossi of Tintavon

Ch Hardacre Aurora

Tsarong av Rabbelung

Soderups Me-Tog

Ch Dokham Cavarodossi of Tintavon

Ch Jambu Kangri

Alilah Vanity Fayre