Who's That Tibetan Terrier?

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Ch Alilah Questa at Kybo

Colour : Black  

Sex : Bitch

Breeder : Mrs P Tempest

Owner : David Roberts & Judy Price

C.C.'s : 3        Reserve C. C.'s : 7      B. O. B.'s : 3    Group 4 x 2  



Title gained : 2009





Ch Kashi Midwinter's Tale of Alilah



Ch Alilah Ellesse with Lenurb

Gemgenes Buzz Lightyear

Kashi Kiss In The Dark

Ch Kyang's Pa-Tin To Alilah

Ch Kashi Goodnight Vienna at Jantica

Ch Alilah Frankie

Ch Gemgenes Dorable

Ch Gandaki Tsos Back To Black

Ch Alilah Hannah

SW Ch Kyang's Hel-Ge

Kyang's Dga'-Mo

Ch Gemgenes Hansel

Ch Alilah Hannah at Kashi

Alilah Questa For Kybo