Who's That Tibetan Terrier?

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Ch Alilah Carmel Ciro at Khyibrang

Colour :  

Sex : Bitch

Breeder : Mrs P Tempest

Owner : Mr & Mrs A & J Honey

C.C.'s : 3       Reserve C. C.'s : 3      B. O. B.'s : 2    



Title gained : 2019





Ch, Int, Lux, NL, Bel Ch Waterley Dressed to Impress


Ch Kashi Ulterior Motive by Alilah

Ch Alilah Offiah

Ch Toplease Talk Of The Town

Ch, Int, Su, Nor Ch Kashi Midwinters Tale of Alilah

Kashi Never Say Never

Ch Gemgenes Hansel

Ch Alilah Zara

NL Ch Xclusive Ben Mazar-I-Sharif

NL & Int Ch Bread'N Butter Talk Of The Town

Gemgenes Buzz Lightyear

Kashi Kiss In The Dark

Ch, Int, Su & Nor Ch Kyang's Pa-Tin to Alilah

Ch Kashi Goodnight Vienna at Jantica

Alilah Carmel Ciro